Bioethica Forum 1/15 erschienen

März 2015 ist die neueste Ausgabe von Bioethica Forum, der wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift der SGBE, erschienen. Schwerpunktthema ist «Pflege der Umwelt?». (10.03.15)

Dienstag 23. Juni 2015 — Universität Basel

Symposium "Ethical Universities"

Institute for Biomedical Ethics

In order to excel in research and teaching, universities must be ethical institutions. Yet they face several challenges: should tobacco industry funding be accepted? How can conflicts of interest be managed? What ethical review procedures are most effective? More generally, how can universities ensure that their processes are robust, and that staff are educated about ethical issues in research and scientific integrity?

For more information: https://ibmb.unibas.ch/news/

Donnerstag 26. November 2015 — Samstag 28. November 2015 — Bigorio (TI)

Herbstseminar 2015


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